Hedgehog Shaped Buns

Hedgehog buns is a traditional snack in Hubei province. White in color, resembling a hedgehog, soft and tastes sweet. The following is the traditional recipe:  Adding water into buckwheat flour and glutinous rice flour to knead into buckwheat dough; Add white sugar and honey to lotus seed paste and mix well to form stuffing. Wrap buckwheat flour into 10 fillings and lotus seed paste into a hedgehog green body, then cut out the "thorns" with scissors, embed sesame seeds with eyes, put them into a plate, and steam until cooked. Flavor features: resembling hedgehog, sweet stuffing. This product won the gold medal award in Guilin competition area in the national "red heart bag" cup that is a Chinese cooking competition.

PS. We will use low gluten flour instead the buckwheat and glutinous rice flour, and the filling will be a sweet peanuts.

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Preparation time

30 min

Cooking Time

1 hr


  • 500g Low gluten flour
  • 5g Yeast
  • 60g Sweet peanut filling
  • 300ml Milk
  • 5g Baking powder
  • 50g White sugar



Take a large bowl, add 500g flour, 5g yeast, 5g baking powder,300ml milk and 50g white sugar, knead the dough


Wrap the bowl, and make the dough relax for 20 minutes

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Roll the dough and cut it in small doses. Start on fill the small dough with the peanuts and wrap the dough in a shape of hedgehog


Use a pair of scissors to cut out a small thorn


Cut out the shape of the hedgehog and make the eyes with black sesame


Put everything in the steamer and steam for at least 15 minutes