Green Rice Ball Recipe

Green Rice Ball (Qingtuan) is a kind of festival food that Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions must eat at Qingming Festival. However, this kind of food has gradually been popularized due to its festive implication and sweet taste. Qingtuan, as its name implies, looks like a green ball. It can be filled with various fillings and smells unique. The common Green rice ball is made of wormwood, which is difficult to find, therefore, today we'd like to share with you an alternative method of making Qingtuan, which is also delicious and simple. Until a few years ago, this kind of green rice ball was a traditional snack unique to qingming festival in guangxi. Almost everyone who comes to guangxi tries need to try one ball at least, and there are even different versions of tuanzi with different fillings. The traditional green tuanzi is made of red bean paste with a slight grassy flavor. But today there are mango, durian, strawberry, and many others made with fresh vegetable juice instead of the healthy herb. You can even put matcha powder instead of the wormwood powder.

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Preparation time

10 min

Cooking Time

15 min


  • 150g Glutinous rice flour 
  • 20g Glutinous rice
  • 20g White sugar
  • 240g Sweet bean paste
  • 20g Starch
  • 150ml Water
  • 8g Wormwood powder



Mix the glutinous rice flour, sticky rice and starch

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Divide the bean paste in small portions of 40g each, you can add lard, it's optional


Put 8 grams of wormwood or matcha powder into the bowl, add warm water, Stir evenly, it is normal for the wormwood powder to not dissolve completely, add sugar and stir until it's dissolved


Pour the wormwood water into the mixed glutinous rice flour and mix with a spatula


Mix everything and knead it into a smooth dough


when the dough is still warm, divide the green dough in parts, each part need to be around 65g


brush the bottom steaming pan with cooking oil. Steam in a hot steamer for about 15 minutes. When steaming, the slime-like foaming becomes larger and the color is lighter


When it's just out of the steamer, it's the most delicious. The soft skin is scented with wormwood, which complements the sweet bean paste


Eat when it's still warm!