Top 15 Traditional Chinese Dessert Recipes

From longevity buns to birthday desserts here's a list of the top Chinese dessert recipes.

Crystal clear crystal Osmanthus cake, I believe that people who see it, at first sight, will have a sense of surprise. Every autumn, the air will be infused with the sweet scent of Osmanthus, cold and floral. If you can add a sweet Osmanthus cake with a fragrant scent, you can make people feel between poetry and painting. Crystal Osmanthus cake is a famous chinese dessert recipes from Shanghai. It is a cake made from glutinous rice flour and Osmanthus sugar. Shanghai people usually eat it during the Chinese New Year or the most important festivals. 

Durian Crisp is a dessert baked with durian pulp and flour. The golden and attractive durian pastry is made of fresh durian pulp with a soft, smooth filling, with a layered, unusually loose and finely crafted meringue. The most authentic Durian cake belongs to Thailand but In recent years, due to the rise of tourism in Thailand, durian cake has gradually been expanded and loved by the Chinese and Asia. This dish is often found in Guangdong morning tea chinese dessert recipes. 

Old Beijing authentic Kidney Bean Rolls, white snow color, delicate, soft and loved by everyone. We believe that people who have eaten Kidney Bean Rolls will be attracted by its soft and white appearance. It tastes very sweet and delicious. it is a traditional famous dessert or snack in old Beijing. it tastes sweet but not greasy. Kidney Bean Rolls, as the name suggests, are made from cowpea and bean paste, the production method is also unique. The sweet taste of the kidney beans is rich.

Almond tofu made with milk is a dessert that you can't miss this summer. I don't know if you have heard the sweets of almond tofu. People who may not have a taste of it, the first time they heard this food, they thought it was a mixture of almonds and tofu, wrong. In fact, it is a chinese dessert, and there is no relationship with tofu, is just like tofu externally. If you want to eat this almond tofu dessert, it is not easy to find it, because there are no such dessert in shops. 

We will introduce you one of the treasures chinese dessert recipes, the lotus cake. Not only crisp but it has a good-looking shape too, this cake will never disappoint you. The lotus cake has a thin layer of crispy skin, it is the only dessert to have the shape of a lotus. The preparation of the lotus cake is very rigorous, and the skill of the chef also requires a few skills. The lotus cake was a court dessert in ancient times. It used to be a fancy cake in the menu of the Emperor In the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

It is based on glutinous rice flour and organic natural plants such as matcha powder and pumpkin squash which makes the ordinary dumplings have beautiful patterns like rain stone. Put it in the water, it shines brightly, and through the refraction of water, the pattern changes into a different color. The entrance taste is sweet and fragrant, but not too sweet. Qinhuai, the place belonged these snacks, was originated in the Six Dynasties and were famous in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Also known as the red turtle, the main ingredient is glutinous rice, the shape is mostly like a turtle, the color preference is red, is a traditional staple food of Minnan people (south of China). In the traditional Chinese cultural cognition, the turtle symbolizes good luck, longevity, and more children. Therefore, the red turtle cake is a kind of auspicious cake in China. When friends and relatives get married, they will take red turtle cakes for gifts. Nowadays, it became a common food on the tables - the sticky shell and the sweet filling.

Peach has, had an indissoluble bond with the Immortal since ancient times. In myths and legends the ancients called treated peaches, like a fairy gift, even Shou Xing Gong(Chinese God) also always holds a huge and gorgeous golden peach. The folks regard peach as a symbol of longevity. Whenever  is celebrated a birthday for the elderly, there’s always a dish related to peach.

Soft, green rice ball, do you know that the green rice ball can also be very delicate? Green rice ball is a traditional snack in the Jiangnan area. It is made with wormwood juice and mixed into glutinous rice flour. Therefore, it is green and has a light but long grassy aroma. The green coat that is unique to the green ball is like the plain color of the young woman in the south of the Yangtze River. It is faint but charming. The taste is soft, sweet, delicate, and it is refreshing. It has a springy flavor from color to taste.

Chrysanthemum cake is a fried variety in Sichuan-style pastries. At first glance, it looks like a blooming chrysanthemum. The complex petals stretch. The layers are distinct and complete without revealing the "heart". The color is elegant and pleasing to the eye. Can be eaten in banquets, or for afternoon teas. As a traditional Chinese pastry, the chrysanthemum cake has a light and elegant appearance. The petals should not be less than 18 in full bloom, and the filling should be evenly distributed. The petals should be uniform in size and well-defined.

Pumpkin is also a commonly used material for Chinese desserts. The pumpkin itself is very colorful, without too much decoration. After freezing, it is cold and smooth, which is very suitable for summer consumption.

The traditional desserts in Guangdong and Fujian originated from the Tang Dynasty were steamed with sugar and water. In Cantonese is not called horseshoe. Its color is yellow, translucent, it can be folded without cracking, soft, slippery, cool and tough, and the taste is very sweet. Horseshoes are also rich in vitamins B and C, plant proteins, and phosphorus. They have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying. The horseshoe contains a lot of starch, plus oligosaccharides and monosaccharides, accounting for more than 86% of the dry weight. Starch 18.8%, protein 2.3%, fat 0.2%, ash 1.6%. Multivitamin A.

Hedgehog bag is a traditional snack in Hubei province. White color, resembling a hedgehog, the taste is soft and sweet. Adding water into buckwheat flour and glutinous rice flour to knead into buckwheat dough; Add white sugar and honey to lotus seed paste and mix well to form stuffing. Wrap buckwheat flour into 10 fillings and lotus seed paste into a hedgehog green body, then cut out the "thorns" with scissors, embed sesame seeds with eyes, put them into a plate, put them into a cage, and steam until cooked. Flavor features: resembling hedgehog, sweet stuffing. 

is one of the traditional snacks in northeast China, old Beijing, and Tianjin. The finished product has clear yellow, white and red colors, which is really good-looking. Because the yellow bean sprinkled on the final production process is just like the loess that the wild donkeys on the outskirts of old Beijing spread when they rolled joyfully, it is named "snowballing usury".The ingredients of "snowballing usury" include rhubarb rice flour, yellow bean, Changsha, white sugar, sesame oil, sweet osmanthus, green and red silk, and melon seeds.

The chicken cake is a kind of food made with egg, salt and so on. Chicken cake has more than two variants. One is made of eggs as the main ingredient of home-cooked food, clear color, taste sweet, soft, smooth, delicious taste. The second is a kind of dessert in Zunyi (Guizhou), which is the most authentic and has a history of one hundred years. It is made of fresh eggs, white sugar, sesame oil essence and flour as the main ingredients. It is refined and baked. Chicken cake has the characteristics of soft, sweet, refreshing, deep yellow color, elasticity, egg flavor, long aftertaste.

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