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Lotus Cake Recipe

We want to introduce you the lotus, lotus cake of course. Crisp not only has a good-looking shape. The lotus cake has a thin layer of crispy skin. Because of its unique shape, it resembles a lotus flower. The production of lotus cake is quite difficult, and the chef must be skilled. The lotus cake […]

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Almond Tofu Recipe

Almond tofu made with milk is a dessert that you can’t miss this summer! I don’t know if you have heard the sweets of almond tofu before? it’s a mixture of almonds and milk. In fact, it is a dessert, and there is no relationship with tofu, just It is similar to tofu.If you want […]

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Kidney Bean Rolls Recipe

Old Beijing authentic cowpea rolls, white snow color, delicate, soft and loved by everyone. We believe that people who have eaten cowpea rolls will be attracted by its soft and white appearance. It tastes very sweet and delicious. it is a traditional famous dessert or snack in old Beijing. it tastes sweet but not greasy. […]

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Durian Tarte

 Durian Crisp is a dessert baked with durian pulp and flour. The golden and attractive durian pastry is made of fresh durian pulp with a soft, smooth filling, with a layered, unusually loose and finely crafted meringue. The most authentic Durian cake belongs to Thailand but In recent years, due to the rise of tourism […]

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Crystal Osmanthus Cake recipe ​

Quick Navigation IngredientsInstructions Crystal clear crystal osmanthus cake, I believe that people who see it at first sight will have a sense of surprise. Every autumn, the air will be infused with the sweet scent of osmanthus, cold and floral. If you can taste a sweet osmanthus cake with a fragrant scent, you can make […]

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