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Chrysanthemum Cake Recipe

Chrysanthemum is a fried variety in Sichuan-style pastries. At first glance, it looks like a blooming chrysanthemum. The complex petals stretch. The layers are distinct and complete without revealing the “heart”. The color is elegant and pleasing the eye. Can be ate in banquets, can be ate for teatime. As a traditional Chinese pastry, the […]

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Green Rice Ball Recipe

Green Rice Ball (Qingtuan) is a kind of festival food that Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions must eat at Qingming Festival. However, this kind of food has gradually been popularized due to its festive implication and sweet taste. Qingtuan, as its name implies, looks like a green ball. It can be filled with various fillings and […]

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Peach Buns Recipe

 Peach has, had an indissoluble bond with the Immortal since ancient times. In myths and legends the ancients called treated peaches, like a fairy gift, even Shou Xing Gong(Chinese God) also always holds a huge and gorgeous golden peach. The folks regard peach as a symbol of longevity. Whenever  is celebrated a birthday for the […]

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Red Tortoise Recipe

is basically glutinous rice, the shape is mostly like a turtle, the color is red, is a traditional staple food of Minnan people.  In the traditional Chinese cultural cognition, the turtle symbolizes good luck, longevity, and more children. Therefore, the red turtle cake is a kind of auspicious cake in China. When friends and relatives […]

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Rain Stone Rice Ball Recipe

It is based on glutinous rice flour and organic natural plants such as matcha powder and pumpkin squash. Put it in the water, it shines brightly, and through the refraction of water, the pattern changes into a different color. The entrance is sweet and fragrant, not too sweet. Qinhuai snacks originated in the Six Dynasties […]

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