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Chicken Cake Recipe

Chicken cake is a kind of food made with egg. Eggs is the main ingredient of a home-cooked cake, clear color, taste sweet, soft, smooth, delicious taste. Loved by everyone. Chicken cake was born in Zunyi, Guizhou, which is the most authentic and has a history of one hundred years. It is made of fresh eggs, […]

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Snowballing Usury Recipe

Snowballing Usury is one of the traditional snacks in northeast China, mainly old Beijing and Tianjin. It looks clear yellow, white and red, which is really good-looking.  The traditional ingredients of “snowballing usury” include rhubarb rice flour, yellow bean, Chengsha, white sugar, sesame oil, sweet osmanthus, green and red silk and melon seeds, since it’s pretty […]

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Hedgehog Shaped Buns

Hedgehog buns is a traditional snack in Hubei province. White in color, resembling a hedgehog, soft and tastes sweet. The following is the traditional recipe:  Adding water into buckwheat flour and glutinous rice flour to knead into buckwheat dough; Add white sugar and honey to lotus seed paste and mix well to form stuffing. Wrap […]

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Water Chestnut Cake Recipe

 Water chestnut cake is a traditional dessert found generally in Guangdong and Fujian, originated from the Tang Dynasty. Its color is yellow, it is translucent, it can be folded without cracking, soft, slippery, cool, and the taste is very sweet.  Chestnuts are also rich in vitamins B and C,  proteins, and phosphorus. They have the effect […]

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Crystal Pumpkin Pudding

Pumpkin is also commonly used ingredient for Chinese desserts. The pumpkin itself is very colorful, without too much decoration. After freezing, it is cold and smooth, which is very suitable for summer consumption. We will introduce how to make crystal pumpkin pudding it’s very simple and quick. Quick Navigation IngredientsInstructions Difficult Easy Servings 4 Preparation […]

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