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Chinese Fried Tofu Recipe

We have a special love for fried food, which may be a big obstacle on the road of losing weight. Especially when I learned to make this minced pork fried tofu. it tastes so delicious. You can find bags of fried tofu already prepared in Asian shops, in this way you will skip the annoying […]

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Chinese Sichuan Mapo Spicy Tofu recipe

Quick Navigation Ingredients:Process Mapo tofu(麻辣豆腐) is a classic Sichuan dish,  Sichuan is a chinese South-western province where is very famous for bold and spicy tastes. It’s made in many places, but authentic Mapo tofu is by no means a “home-cooked dish”. From the selection of ingredients to the techniques are very simple, meat of beef […]

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