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Chinese Pork Noodles Soup Recipe

This dish is one of the top selling in the Chinese noodles fast food. Super delicious and super simply to make it at home. All you need is some of the most common Chinese ingredient that you always need to stash at home when it comes to Asian or Chinese recipes like Lao Gan Ma […]

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Chinese Spicy Noodles Recipe

We would like to share with you a very delicious and fast method of diced meat and spicy noodles. Noodles is a kind of food that is usually eaten in northern china, the south is more rice kind. In restaurants this kind of noodles is generally served in soups, all the spiciness is mainly contained […]

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Chinese Glass Noodles recipe

Quick Navigation IngredientsInstructions Chinese glass noodles or Fensi are a transparent noodles made from starch. These are sold in every asian stores in dried form, but they don’t need a long time to soak, basically are ready to cook. You can find these noodles in countless recipes, in spring rolls, soups, but today we will […]

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